Fromager des Clarines

fromagerOn the Eastern border of France, before the Jura Mountains descend into Switzerland, the cheese lovers’ paradise, Franche-Comte is found.

So many incredible cheeses were born here, from the obvious & world famous Comte to the less known Fromage de Clarines – a Vacherin style.

As every French cheese lover knows, the riper the cheese and the more pungent the flavour,
the more unforgettable the experience!

Fromager des Clarines is made from Mountain milk, yielding a smooth, very creamy cheese that is a must to serve as close to room temperature
as possible to release it’s fresh white truffle butter flavours. The undulating moist golden crust,
tinged with pink. gold and slightly reddish colours, shows faint imprints from the cloth markings
used to mould it.
Before eating the cheese the top rind is removed from the cheese and the unctuous pate is
spooned out from the container.

Will Studd’s Baked Clarines Recipe (as seen on Masterchef – June 2010).
1 x Clarines
1/4 cup pinot noir
3 x cloves blanched garlic
a couple sprigs of thyme
ground black pepper

Ensure cheese is room temp
Use a knife to poke holes into the cheese
Insert garlic cloves into top of cheese, sprinkle with pinot noir, add thyme and bake in moderate oven (185 C) 20 minutes. Garnish with black pepper.