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Whether you are a gourmet chef or a novice in the kitchen, Fresh Provisions is the store for you. Shopping with us isn’t a chore, it’s a pleasure!

We provide that old style service alongside the newest of gourmet and everyday products giving you the ultimate shopping experience. Come in and be inspired :)

Our stores truly arouse the senses! As your taste buds are tantalized with exotic ingredients you are stimulated with the delectable smells and vibrant colours of market fresh local produce, the wholesome aromas of fresh artesian breads and unique coffee blends, and the mouth watering continental selections of olives, cheeses and antipasto.

Meandering through our grocery aisles can become a favoured pastime as you browse our striking displays of olive oils, handmade pastas, cottage jams and preserves, delicious boutique cookies, fine chocolates and scrumptious specialties.

We truly are a Foodies delight, with each store run by a team of enthusiastic staff, passionate about food and striving for excellence at all times.


Fresh Provisions
Fresh ProvisionsOctober 14, 2014
We don't often promote 'technology' on our page however once you view this ingenius start up called 'Carrot' you will see why we fully endorse it. Call us 'old school' but we think 'Carrot' will work with all your senses and is something that will keep you healthy. Enjoy 'Carrot' available now at both our stores.
Fresh Provisions
Introducing Carrot
Carrot is designed with you in mind. It’s a seamless experience, meticulously crafted, from beginning to end. It’s not just a vegetable. It’s what a vegetable…
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh Provisions added 8 photos.October 11, 2014
A big thanks to everyone who came on down to our stores to celebrate our 25th anniversary! Here are some pics from Mt Lawley yesterday. Garyen cooking demo halloumi, grapes,Princi Mango Glazed Ham, Kapai Puku tasting, A Bit on the Sides mayos and 3 Drops EEVO, French Pate Comtesse du Barry, Il Gelato celebration cake, Pound Coffee.
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh ProvisionsOctober 10, 2014
@ the Bicton store:
10am to 2pm Fresh Grapes
10.30 am to 12 noon Pound Coffee
11am to 1pm Luscomb Drinks
1.30 am to 2.30 pm Latasha's Kitchen
11am to 12 noon Bon Pussy Jerk Sauce
2 pm to 3.30 pm Pukkara Estate
10.30 am to 12.30 pm Samudra
2.00 pm to 3.00pm Whistler/Nougat
1.30 pm to 2.30pm Hubert Pate and Chocolate
1.30 pm to 3.30pm Mayo and Dukka
11 am to 1pm Cheeky Bros Pizza
11 am to 1pm World Healthiest Juice
10 am to 1 pm Byron Bay Fine Foods

Throughout the day there will also be dips, breads and chocolates being available to taste for free
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh ProvisionsOctober 10, 2014
Fresh Provisions History part 3.... Saving the best till last!

Vasilios Gotsis, Basil as he is known to most, created Fresh Provisions
with Bevan by his side, he was the instigator for 24 hour trading and the
expansion beyond one store. Basil with his keen and smart business sense,
a passion for cooking in the kitchen, developed a concept, pulled together a
strong partnership and inspired our team to have that passion for food
which we have today at Fresh Provisions.

Basil is very proud of his history working with his parents in their Fruit
and Veg store in Bassendean and then moving on to his own business in
North Beach all before the age of 21. Basil and Bevan came together in
this store in 1988 working hard side by side to get themselves into a
bigger store. True entrepreneurs in every sense of the word; in business
you need a driving force to pursue and achieve success, Basil and Bevan
were that. All of the partners are very hands on in the business still
today; Basil and Shawn are up early every morning to source fresh produce
from the markets to supply to our customers, Tom with fresh foods and Zoe
with the groceries. At the markets Basil also represents retailers on the board of directors for the Perth Market Authority.

Basil, Shawn, Tom, Zoe and The Fresh Provisions team look forward to
seeing you Saturday 11th October to celebrate our 25 years. We are very
proud of what we have accomplished and are as excited today as we were 25
years ago. You can also see the facelift at Mount Lawley right on time for
its birthday!! Basil can be found mostly at the Bicton store along side
his son George who has been a part of the business now for 7 years

Check out the timetable for both stores to find out what tastings are happening.
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh ProvisionsOctober 10, 2014
@ the Mt Lawley store:
10am to 2pm Fresh Grapes
10am to 12.30pm Princi Mango Glazed Ham
10am to 12.30 Garyen Cooking Demo
10am to 12.30pm Jarriotos Mexican Drinks & Organic Teas
10am to 11.30am Bit on the Side Mayonnaise/Sauce
11am to 12.30pm Blue Cow
11am to 12.30 Hubert Gourmet Pate
11am to 12.30 Maxim Chocolate
11am to 12noon Soul Fresh Kapui Paku
12.30 to 1pm Pound Coffee
1pm to 2.30pm Verona Foods
1pm to 2.30pm Nudie Juices
1pm to 2.30pm Red Robin Luscombe Drinks
1pm to 4.30pm Il Gelato
1pm to 4.30pm Laughing Lama
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh Provisions commented on their own photo.October 10, 2014
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh ProvisionsOctober 9, 2014
Bevan Barratt-Hill and Tom Katselas
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh ProvisionsOctober 9, 2014
Fresh Provisions History Part 2 .... In 1992 the Fresh Provisions family grew to include Vasilios' brothers Con & Frank. This new found experience and enthusiasm enabled the business to expand to the Claremont store in November 1995.
Another addition to the Fresh Provisions Family was Tom Katselas who brought to the stores much retailing experience. Tom and Bevan concentrated on the Mt Lawley store allowing Vasilios and Con to concentrate on the Claremont store. The wonderful Zoe was doing what she does best sourcing incredible, unique and hard to find products to line the shelves. Around Christmas and Easter time it is always very special, as Zoe always manages to transform the stores into a festive experience to suit all tastes.

In the background was a young lad learning from these experts, his name was Shawn. He had acquired the necessary skills from Vasilios and Rob Pasqualotto of what it takes to purchase the best fresh produce at the markets. By 2003 he was invited to become part of the business and was settled down to 4 partners.

August 2005 was an exciting time with the company opening the Bicton store and adapting the Fresh Provisions business model to this location. It has been a wonderful success and inclusion to the south of the river market.

In 2006 Fresh Provisions decided to stop selling cigarettes, a move that was unusual especially as we were a 24hr store. There was much discussion in the press about this decision. However the partners were well on their way to establish themselves as a fresh food business not just a grocery outlet. In July of 2006 the decision was made to no longer trade as a 24 hour business and focus on what Fresh Provisions could bring to consumers to suit their needs.

2014 sees the 25th anniversary trading as Fresh Provisions. Our customers know they can always find the very best in fresh produce, as well as huge selection of products which all have been personally selected with the customer foremost in mind.

We open our doors and arms to welcome our customers and staff past and present to celebrate with us this Saturday 11th October at both Mt Lawley and Bicton stores. We will be giving away treats and having a huge array of tastings of many of our products. Stay tuned for part 3 that will tell you of times for tastings and what is happening on Saturday.
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh ProvisionsOctober 9, 2014
The History ... Fresh Provisions the beginning from 1989 - Part 1....

In October 1989 Fresh Provisions was born by Vasilios Gotsis, Bevan Barratt-Hill and Zoe Barratt-Hill.

Vasilios, Bevan and Zoe brought to the people of Mt Lawley new innovative retailing ideas and introduced the locals to real fresh food from their previous grocery retailing experience.

In May 1991 the store started trading 24 hours a day. Despite being told they were 'mad' to think of such a business model, it proved to be a success enabling Perthites to have fresh produce awesome products and healthy meals anytime of the day.

New products were introduced weekly and suppliers were keen to be part of the Fresh Provisions stocked range as it was unique and forward thinking for those people looking for a fresh alternative to the basic branded stores around Perth.

Not much has changed as Fresh Provisions is known to be a launching pad for many new local and interstate food producers and suppliers. All under the keen eye of Zoe Barratt-Hill.

Stay tuned for more of the Fresh Provisions history and celebrations....
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Fresh Provisions
Fresh Provisions likes a photo.October 8, 2014
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